Income redistribution at its best!
Published on March 13, 2008 By Island Dog In Democrat

I came across this article tonight about the tax plans from the Obama and Hillary camps.  Here is a quick excerpt from the article:

"Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both propose significant changes to the tax code that would add to its complexity. His plan emphasizes income inequality, while hers seeks to change Americans' behavior.

Obama's proposal would shift the tax burden toward the rich from low- and middle-income workers. Clinton proposes targeted tax breaks designed to change the way Americans use energy, save money and care for elders."

Can you say "income redistribution"? 

"The centerpiece of Obama's tax plan is a $1,000 tax cut for workers that would cost more than $80 billion annually and effectively eliminate all taxes for about 10 million low-income Americans."

Unbelievable.  So Obama will add more than $80 billion to the budget, which in reality it will probably cost two to three times that, and give a free ride to over 10 million Americans.  People need to wake up.

I find it funny how people like Obama talk about equality, but his plans are just the opposite.  Make a certain class of people pay for the class of people who don't give anything back.  Obama will just take us deeper into a welfare state where people will rely on the government for their every need. 



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