Published on February 28, 2008 By Island Dog In The Media

This is what to expect during this political season.  Biased polls from the MSM showing democrats in the lead.

CBS and the New York Times have a new poll out that looks at the Democratic primary race and at the general election. In the former, it uses a rather small sample, but in the latter the sample gets weighted -- as usual -- in favor of Democratic voters. Barack Obama has taken a lead in the national numbers for the primary, not exactly breaking news:

How did CBS reach this conclusion? They polled 427 Democratic voters. That isn't an exceptionally strong sample, and it produces a conclusion that is a likely outlier. Gallup, AP, and Rasmussen all show Obama leading but in a much closer race.

The problems increase when the poll includes Republicans. They show Obama beating John McCain by twelve points, 50-38. However, the sampling and weighting explains the strange notion that John McCain would only get 38% of a general election vote. The sample of 1152 respondents comprises 358 Republican voters, 420 Democrats, and 337 independents.

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on Feb 28, 2008
Any poll today merely reflects name recognition (except among the party faithful). As no one, not even Hillary, has gone really negative yet, they really mean nothing. Except that Hillary is not in them.