This Years Featured Halloween Skins
Published on October 17, 2007 By Island Dog In Community

I have been talking about it for several weeks, and the time has come for this years Halloween Skin Guide.  I have gone through the galleries here on WinCustomize, and with the help of our community members, this guide lists some of the best Halloween inspired skins for your desktop.

Over the next couple of weeks I will do more specific features of Halloween skins, but now you don't have to go searching through galleries to find that perfect Halloween skin you were looking for.


October CXP
Halloween Cursors
Trails for Halloween
Halloween Pumpkins II
My Halloween


My Halloween
Next of Skin - Halloween
Halloween II
Halloween Hades


Halloween Lights
Halloween Tree
Happy Halloween
Aero Halloween 2004
Candle Pumpkin
Creepers Countdown
Creepers Desktop
Halloween DX
Spooky Eyes
Skull 'n' Candles
Tangled Web
Raven DX
Grim Reaper Date

My Halloween (IconPackager)
Rest in Peace (Dream)
Skull Player (Xion)
halloween (SoundPackager)
Creepers Halloween Countdown (Sidebar Gadget)


Halloween Cat
3D Halloween Screen Saver
Halloween 2007


Next of Skin - Halloween
Halloween night
My Halloween 1024
Halloween Hades
Graveyard Pumpkins
LogonStudio Vista

Happy Halloween
Halloween 2007
Graveyard Pumpkins_Vista


WinCustomize Halloween
Halloween Zoomer Pack
Glossy Pumpkins
Winky Booo!
RIP Tabbed Dock Pack

Next of Skin RL
Raven Rainlendar
October rain_y
Halloween 1
My Halloween
Creepers rainy


Next of Skin
Hallows Eve XPV
My Halloween
R.I.P. 2007
Next of Skin RightClick
Halloween RC
October RC


Creepy Hollow
The great pumpkin
Halloween Fun
Home Sweet Home
My Halloween
Halloween Spirit
Autumn's Lil' Pumpkins
Midnight Raven
Gnarley Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Town
Halloween 2005
Aqua Pumpkins
Halloween Hades
Dark Halloween
Pumpkin Run
Graveyard Pumpkins!
Keeper of the Crypt
October Pack

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on Oct 17, 2007
Holy Cow!  That's a lot of Halloween stuff to pick through.  Thanks ID!
on Oct 17, 2007
on Oct 17, 2007
Wow, Halloween will done and gone before I get through this list. Thanks ID.  
on Oct 17, 2007
Thanks Island Dog. And thanks to all the Artists.

There is so much i can change my skin every day.
on Oct 17, 2007
I've died and gone to Halloween Heaven!!! Thanky kindly Mr. Island Dog!!!      
on Oct 17, 2007

Thanks everyone!

Now get those Halloween desktops going and post them to the October Desktop thread in the forums.



on Oct 17, 2007
Great list ID - thanks for putting this all together
on Oct 17, 2007
Big thanks to you Island Dog, for posting one of my walls in this great collection.
I am a beginning artist, and to be a part of this is totally killer! Gives me much inspiration to do many more....thanx bud!
on Oct 17, 2007
It's an honor to have one of my walls included in your collection! Thanks to all of you who make my day when you choose to download my art. I'm having a great time creating.
on Oct 18, 2007
Waiting to upload new docks for the RIP2007 skin!
on Oct 18, 2007
Unfortunately Jazzymjr had been away for a couple of weeks but she managed to get a windowblind finished that is Autumn\ Halloween related but didn't get on Island Dog's list. Its nice Autumn Colours against black backgrounds and was made to match buzzh58's "Autumn's Lil' Pumpkins" Wall and "Autumn's Reflection" wall and there are Widgets - RightClicks and Rainlendars to match. Two matching Object Docks that I had made for myself are included in jazzymjr's windowblind Zip.

Blind is still in moderation at the moment(7am est - 10/18) but will be available at this link soon:

Autumn Reflection WB by Jazzymjr:
WWW Link
on Oct 18, 2007
hehe, here's mine   

on Oct 18, 2007
Marvelous Job ID on putting this all in one list together for everyone.
on Oct 18, 2007
I am honored to be on your list! Thank you and congrats to all else who are as well!  
on Oct 18, 2007
oh this is neat. Cool ID!

how about Orange-E as a skin for halloween skin   

Just kidding of course.