Flyout Menus in ObjectDock Plus
Published on September 26, 2007 By Island Dog In ObjectDock

One of the coolest features in ObjectDock is the ability to create Flyout Menus.  Many of you have already seen this already with the new ReadyView weather flyouts that were introduced in ObjectDock.  You can add these menus to either a tabbed dock or a "zoomer" dock.

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They are a great way to have quick access to commonly used folders, applications, and pretty much anything else you can put into ObjectDock.  One of my favorite uses is to have a flyout menu of web links that I use very often, such as, or a flyout menu to quickly browse a folder of images.

To get started with a flyout menu, just right-click an empty space in your dock and select "add entry".  From there you will be presented with a list of docklets, shortcuts, and other entries that you can add to ObjectDock, but for now you need to select "New Custom Flyout Menu".


You should now have your new flyout menu on the dock, and the configuration window open.  Here you can custom configure the flyout menu with a list of commonly used folders, or create a custom flyout menu with a variety of options such as folders, shortcuts, docklets, etc.  It's very customizable and you add your own custom icons as well.


Once you have your menu configured, clicking the icon will expand the flyout menu with the items you have selected.  As you see below, I setup my flyout menu to open my wallpapers folder, which then expands to the sub-folders so I can browse through my wallpaper collection, and then click the image I want to open in my image viewer. 

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on Sep 21, 2008

If you mean something like this:

Then get yourself a copy of the Stack Docklet by Matonga. Here's how to install and use a docklet   

on Dec 15, 2008
Is there any way to speed up the flyout menu? It always seems to take at least 1sec on my lappy (Core Duo 2.13 GHz, 2GB RAM, 7900GTX Go: and yes, very little is running in the background).
on Mar 17, 2009

Hey my pdf files do not work on fly out menu they appear only as black square anybody has this problem?it happen even when i run objectdock as administator

 I am using Vista 32-bit

See the picture if u do not follow me.Please can anyone help me?

on May 06, 2013