My favorite ObjectDock setups
Published on July 23, 2007 By Island Dog In OS Customization

ObjectDock is pretty flexible, and there are more ways to use ObjectDock than just having it sit at the top or bottom of your screen.  One of the big advantages of having ObjectDock is the ability to have multiple docks on your desktop along with the ability to have tabbed docks.  With ObjectDock you can also "mix" docks, and by that I mean you can have a tabbed dock and a "zoomer" dock on the same desktop which allows for even more flexible setups.

I use ObjectDock on my desktop in a variety of ways, and I wanted to share 3 of my favorite ways to use ObjectDock.

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1) Having a docklet dock 

I'm sure everyone knows what a docklet is, but for those who might not know, docklets are mini-applications that reside on your dock.  There are a variety of docklets available, including docklets for weather, clocks, web searches and more. 

One of my favorite ways to configure ObjectDock is to have one dock solely dedicated to nothing but docklets.  I usually place this dock on the right or left side of the screen, and depending on what's going on in the rest of my desktop, I might set it to auto-hide.  I will place all my favorite and most useful docklets in this dock, and leave my other docks for application shortcuts only.

2) Docks as drawers

Another cool feature of ObjectDock is the ability to set your tabbed docks as drawers.  There are a variety of ways to configure your tabbed docks, but you can place several single tab docks on your desktop and have them extend out when hovered over them.  It breaks away from the standard dock layout a bit, but still has the great functionality that we are all used to. 


3) Go for minimalism

Sometimes I like to go real minimal with my desktop, and ObjectDock makes this possible and even better than other methods.  For my ultimate minimalist desktop, I remove everything from the desktop except for ObjectDock, and if you don't want to see the dock you can set it to auto-hide.

The new start menu docklet gives me access to the Windows start menu, and I can choose to see any programs I have minimized in the taskbar.  Pretty much everything I need access to I can do through ObjectDock, and it even has an option to hide the Windows taskbar. 

Windows 7 x64-2014-09-22-12-27-12


I have listed my favorite ways I use ObjectDock, and I'd like to hear how you use it as well.  Have you used any of these configuration I mentioned, or do you have a setup even better?


Learn more about ObjectDock  |  Get ObjectDock for just $9.99

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on Jul 23, 2007
I use a Zoomer at the bottom with the items I use a lot, along with a drawer for System Tray. At the top is a normal Tabbed Dock with those items that I use not so frequently.

Both Tabbed and Drawer are mouse activated (snugly out of site until needed).
on Jul 23, 2007
I do all three.

ObjectDock Plus has to be the most undervalued app ..
on Jul 24, 2007
Nice. I like the minimalistic approach also. Nothing on the desktop but a Zoomer at the top and one of my signature single tabbed docks, set on the left or the right. That particular single tab you are using ID has the bonus feature of being able to have two tabs in the same footprint as you are showing...with no labels of course. Some of my earlier single tabs were actually designed just to have the 1 tab and usable with or without text. This program is great and fun to use/skin. Keep the great articles coming.
on Jul 24, 2007
Yes, there is so many great backgrounds available, you can really go crazy with your ObjectDock setup.  The drawer setup I did with the single tabs looked fantastic when I was finished with them.

on Jul 24, 2007
Can you tell me how to get rid of the taskbar and recycle bin for the minimalist effect?
on Jul 24, 2007

Can you tell me how to get rid of the taskbar and recycle bin for the minimalist effect?

Getting rid of the taskbar is an option in OD+, I just switched and can't remember if it was an option in the free version. As for getting rid of the recycle bin on the desktop...use TweakUI, a Microsoft PowerToy.
on Jul 24, 2007
As for getting rid of the recycle bin on the desktop...use TweakUI, a Microsoft PowerToy

Yeah, TweakUI is a great toolset that has all kinds of goodies. I highly (like anyone really cares what i recommend) recommend it.
on Jul 24, 2007
Thanks Bebi Bulma & messiah1 for your wisdom.
on Jul 25, 2007
I can't, for the life of me, get OD Plus to work with drawers! It's driving me nuts! I create a new tabbed dock, delete all but one tab, then drag a corner to make the dock horizontal with the tab on the left. I then try to move the horizontal dock to the right side of the screen, but as soon as it gets near the edge, it switches to a vertical dock. Once I managed to get the horizontal drawer to the edge of the screen, but it wouldn't "close" (with only the tab showing).   I wish I could figure out what I'm doing wrong.
on Jul 25, 2007
I *don't* want my tabbed dock as a drawer, but everytime I move it or mess with a setting, somehow "show dock as drawer" mysteriously keeps getting rechecked.
on Jul 25, 2007
I can't, for the life of me, get OD Plus to work with drawers

Once you get the dock set the way you want, drag to the edge of a screen. It is going to try to switch to a vertical dock because of the internal OD coding...however, move the cursor to the edge of the dock, drag horizontal and then vertical so you have just one row of icons and there you go. Let me know if you still have trouble.
on Jul 26, 2007
Thanks messiah, the video from ID did the trick!   
on Jul 28, 2007
Single tabbed docks? SINGLE TABBED DOCKS!?!


You know, it never occurred to me to try and use a single tab as a dock. That is just major badness, Island Dog! But that's one of the things that makes Stardock's software so great. The flexibility that it gives you. Great article!
on Jul 28, 2007
You know, it never occurred to me to try and use a single tab as a dock.

Evolution of Docks is what I try to do. I thought that it would be a cool idea to actually have them designed to be single tabs and that's why I put the concept out there. Really, the single tab was there, I just design mine to be USED as single tabs. I like the look of the tab integrated on the dock instead of hanging off the dock. You can take any old regular tabbed dock and make it a single tabber, cept some don't look that great.
on Aug 07, 2007


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