Skin Roundup for 7-13-07
Published on July 13, 2007 By Island Dog In Community

Friday is always a good time of the week, not because the weekend is near (well maybe), but today is the today for "This Week in Skinning". Last week was a great week with several featured skins including an icon pack, a dream, a suite, WB skin, and more.

While you are browsing through skins this week, be sure to check the articles section as well. I put up a feature tour of ObjectDock Plus that shows some of the best reasons to upgrade, along with a new video demo.

Now for the picks!

SD Desktop (cx) for CursorXP
By Vad_M

I'm usually used to featured Vad_M's fantastic DesktopX creations, so it was great to see a cursor from him. Check this one out.

ImageMagick Object demo for DesktopX
By Skarnivorous

This object demo shows some of the cool things you can do with DesktopX. It generates a mirror image from a source image, and I can see some really cool widgets using something like this.

Approaching Storm for DesktopX
By sViz

This is a very cool widget that puts a "thunderstorm" on your desktop complete with lightning and thunder. Great job.

Ruby IP for IconPackager
By pinchecl

It's great to see icon packs being submitted again. Great set by pinchecl so be sure to download these.

Over the hills and far away in Wallpapers
By webby85

A really beautiful wallpaper that goes great with a variety of skins. I would like to see more resolutions though. Great work.

XP Professional III in WindowBlinds
By adni18

Not a new skin, but adni18 has given this skin a really nice update, and it's definitely worth checking out again.

Knot Vista for XP in WindowBlinds
By I.R. Brainiac

Another great Master skin has made its presence, and it's definitely a great piece of work. There are plenty of matching skins to go with this as well, so be sure to put this one on your list.

Not of this Earth for Xion in Xion
By I.R. Brainiac

Two in a row for I.R. Brainiac, but well deserved. This is a very cool looking skin for Xion. Nice work.

Looks like this edition had a few more than usual, so another great week it is for submissions. Be sure to check out the artists personal sites for more work, and be sure to leave comments on what you think of their works. See you next week!

on Jul 13, 2007
Nice Picks ID. Go Team MaxStyles!
on Jul 13, 2007
thanks ID didn't notice this wall
on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks for the nod, ID. Great picks as usual; congrats to all.   

(P.S. Skarn's object has been misspelled; you forgot the I in image.)

on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks and corrected.

on Jul 14, 2007
great skins, nice selection, congrats to all
on Jul 15, 2007
Awesome selections ID, thanks again

It's My Secret
on Jul 17, 2007
Another great article,
Love Thunder and Lightning effects in Approaching Storm.
I am also happy to see the xion gallery growing.
on Jul 17, 2007
Fantastic work, congrats to all of the featured authors!
Great picks ID, I love this post, look forward to it every week!!!   
on Jul 17, 2007
Wow! thank you very much for this! I am very honored!
on Jul 18, 2007
As am I...hiya Island Dog.