Put some "summertime" on your desktop
Published on June 26, 2007 By Island Dog In Community

Since summer is "officially" here I thought it might be a good idea to write a summer theme guide to show some skins that have been made for the summer season, or at least skins that will fit in with this time of year.  Do you change your desktop themes based on the time of year? 

I tend to have more "tropical" and warm themes going throughout a good part of the year being as it's almost always hot here, but I also put some winter themes up when it does drop below 90 degrees about 2 months out of the year.

So here are some picks that I thought would fit well with any type of summer theme for your desktop.


Some Summer Things Trails by slinky1947
Corona by Island Dog
Tropical Blue by island dog
SharkBlues by RadialFX
Under Water by Himangshu



Summer's Night by sViz
Picturesque V (Summer Nights) by Richard Mohler
CG Shark by Dreamdesign3d
Holiday Countdown by RomanDA


Island Oasis by PaulG2
CrystalLake by markdotnet
Blue Ocean by inspiredORANGE
Early Morning v. 2 by candiedbug
Parrot by 00NukE
Under-Water by TheMasterBaron
Shark Pit by Stardock Design
Blissful Dream by Stardock Design



Tropical by BlackDragon 17
Ain't Life a Beach by boss0190
Ocean Sunset by Cavan1


Summer Rental by kenwas
Summer day by DockZone
Summernight by vlad
Paradise Beach by boss0190
Sunset Surf (version 2) by GoodMorphing
Ocean Mist by sandpiperw
California Coastlines by Bebi Bulma
Caribbean Dreaming by Ayesha


Fruit Loops by BoXXi
Saltwater by DigitalCHET
Orange Crush by navigatsio
Sunken Treasure by kittymalone
Sustenance by KoL_

Caribbean Dreaming

If you know of any skins, wallpapers, cursors, etc. that you think would make a good addition, please post them in the comments section.


on Jun 26, 2007
I keep getting a 404 on all your links ID.

Shameless self promotion...........

you might find something appropriate in my photo gallery

on Jun 26, 2007
Thanks for posting the guide ID, but I think the links are not connected, keep getting a 404 error, file not found.   
EDIT: Must type faster!!!!!!
on Jun 26, 2007
Sorry everyone.  Should be all fixed now.

on Jun 26, 2007
Awesome guide, ID!
on Jun 26, 2007
You got them working ID, thanks again for taking the time to put this guide together.  
on Jun 27, 2007

on Jun 28, 2007
Nice guide, ID! I'm gonna grab a bunch of those walls; they're awesome.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the nod.
on Jun 28, 2007
Nice guide
on Jun 29, 2007
Thank You ID, there are some nice picks.