The DesktopX 3.5 beta was released to subscribers of Object Desktop, and with this update comes the ability to export gadgets to the Sidebar in Windows Vista.  Along with the announcement there was a quick tour on how easy it is to create a shortcut gadget for use in the Windows Sidebar. 

Creating Sidebar Gadgets is something I have been wanting to do, but have not had much success at it previously.  Being able to create and export Sidebar gadgets is something I have been waiting for and couldn't wait to try out.  For my first project I wanted to make a simple gadget that when clicked, it would take me to the WinCustomize home page. 

Using only the DesktopX 3.5 beta, and an image file, I was able to create this gadget from start to finish in less than 3 minutes, and with just a few clicks.  Now this is just a simple gadget, but the ease of creating this was great, and the power behind DesktopX will allow some fantastic gadgets to be created.

I made a video demo to show you how quick and easy it was to create this gadget.


on Jun 20, 2007
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on Jun 21, 2007
Nice voice ID
And awesome job there
on Jun 22, 2007
wow, what program did you use to record?!
on Jun 22, 2007
on Jun 24, 2007
Maybe I just haven't been paying attention over the last few months, but what WindowBlinds skin are you using in the video?
on Jun 30, 2007
Camtasia Studio

How come my Camtasia can't see DesktopX objects.  

on Jun 30, 2007
That's just typical. I ask for help and then I figure out what the problem was. Nevermind, ID. I had to check the 'Capture layered windows' feature.

Nice video tutorial, BTW.   
on Jun 30, 2007
No problem sViz.  I actually ran into the exact same problem the first couple of times I used it.