Published on May 31, 2007 By Island Dog In Animated Wallpapers

The end of this month snuck up real fast, but I did not forget about "This Month in Dreams".  This was another month of some fantastic submissions, and some of the creators are pumping out dream after dream.  Just as it gets hard to pick weekly skins, it's just about as difficult to select Dreams every month.

This Month in Dreams - May '07

The dreams in this months edition are:

Another dream I wanted to feature this month was Necromancy: Inferno.  Due to a strange codec problem I was unable to include it in this months video, but be sure to check it out.

To use these animated wallpapers you need Windows Vista Ultimate, and Stardock DeskScapes.  For the free DeskScapes download and more dreams, visit:


on May 31, 2007
the ati ruby is pretty damn cool...i wonder if some one will make the nvidia version of nali (i think that's it's name)
on Jun 01, 2007
nice selection ID
on Jun 01, 2007
While I personally didn’t like ATI Ruby running as my desktop, the video is pretty cool.

Still, this is a fine selection of dreams! Of course, I'm 22% biased