Are you one of them?
Published on March 7, 2007 By Island Dog In XBOX

Microsoft has announced that over 6 millions owners of Xbox 360's are members of Xbox Live, and that is coming about 4 months closer than their objective. Along with this news also came some interesting facts about Xbox Live and the people who use it.

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Gamers spend more than 2.3 billions hours on Xbox Live
  • Halo 2 is the most played title, followed by Gears of War
  • Street Fight II is the most played Arcade game
  • 2 million voice and text messages sent per day
  • Average subscriber has 22 friends on their list
  • 300 million achievements have been unlocked

Those are some pretty interesting numbers there.  I have been a member of Xbox Live since I got my Xbox 360 and have been quite happy.  My next project is to get Vista and the Xbox 360 working together, that should be fun.


on Mar 08, 2007
My childhood pal got an Xbox 360 but he seldom plays on it since he think people is cheap (He always lose). He's girlfriend mostly plays Uno or some simple game like that where no brainpower is involved.

We did play some Street Fighter 2 against some americans. Quite funny

But the sad part is that he unlocks achievments in games just to show of...and he's 26 now!