Skin Roundup for 3-2-07
Published on March 2, 2007 By Island Dog In

It's March already?  The time is flying by and so much is going on, but there is always time for "This Week in Skinning".  I wanted to remind you that when you create your desktop with whatever combination of skins you like, to post them in our monthly desktop screenshot thread.  Well as I said in previous weeks the submissions have been fantastic, and this week is no exception.


Terranove for CursorXP

This is a really awesome cursor with smooth and cool animations, but still very usable.  If you have CursorXP, you need to download this.





SD Tasks Scheduler for DesktopX Widgets
by Vad_M

This widget will allow you to executive system commands, open urls, and more.  It's a great addition to the rest of the series.  Nice work.





Leuchturm for DeskScapes
by peter22

When I saw the preview for this Dream I wasn't sure what to expect, but after I tried it out, it will stay on my Vista desktop for a while.  It's a very nice, seamless animation of a lighthouse over the water.  It looks very cool on the desktop.



All Night Long Logon for Logons
by boss0190

A nice looking logon for Windows XP.  The wallpaper is also available on WinCustomize, and it's a great choice as well.  Nice work.




Ambre (blue version) in Wallpapers
by Richard Mohler

This one is kind of hard to describe, but that doesn't matter because it's a great pick for this week.  There is also another color version available.  Good job!




Y.S.T for Windowblinds
by lypnjtu

A nice clean skin that works well with a variety of wallpapers.  Be sure to check this one out.







Remember if you would like to recommend a skin please feel free to e-mail and let me know why you think it should be featured.  Thanks again to all the skinners for their hard work, and we all look forward to more great submissions.  See you next week!




on Mar 02, 2007

Wow, some great choices again.

It's good for skinning in general to see such high quality skins being released week after week. Keep it up guys, you're doing a fantastic job   

on Mar 02, 2007
NIce picks!   
on Mar 02, 2007
Check out the ObjectBar tutorial!
on Mar 02, 2007
Terranove was one of the first cursors I downloaded after discovering WC. Had it for some time now and it is definitely one of the best. Kudos to TYCUS for such an excellent cursor I gotta go get me a wallpaper
on Mar 02, 2007
Thanks for another great week. And you're right, if you don't have that cursor you NEED to download it. Congrats to all the chosen artists.
on Mar 03, 2007
Yes, there was some great picks this week.
on Mar 03, 2007
Thanks for one of my weekly favourite posts ID.

Nice picks
on Mar 03, 2007

Check out the ObjectBar tutorial!

well not to be left out..
If you do not know how to work in DesktopX, its time to start learning with these new step-by-step tutorials:

Tutorial Listing

Enjoy.. I'm gonna be out for a few weeks, so enjoy them, might be the last ones.. for a while..
on Mar 05, 2007
Great choices ID!
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