Holiday Skin and Theme Roundup
Published on December 6, 2006 By Island Dog In

Well it's that time of year again, so that means the holidays are upon us.  There are so many holiday inspired skins on Wincustomize that I thought it would be a great idea to put together a holiday theme guide that will list some of the best holiday themes here on Wincustomize.

There are many more skins and themes available on Wincustomize, so be sure to check the galleries for more great works.



DesktopX Objects/Widgets

Christmas Snow Globe Countdown by RomanDA
Christmas Lights by Island Dog
Realistic Animated Christmas Snowflakes by GreenReaper
Christmas Lights Classic by Island Dog
Holiday MP3 Player by Duck Star
Christmas Snow Globe Weather by RomanDA
First Noel Christmas Tree by clwoods
X-mas Weather by Richard Mohler
Christmas Candles by buzzh58
Network Tree by Frogboy



Simple Christmas by Sleeping Dragon
CP Christmas 4CXP Blue by pinchecl
Christmas Time by Keila
Christmas Tree's by Island Dog
Christmas Cheer by Keila
Santa Claus by Lgp85
Little Drummer Boy by Po' Smedley
X-mas [Blue] by JJ Ying


Christmas Time by mormegil
CYY Christmas by yangge
Christmas Holidays by adni18
CP Christmas 4ICP by pinchecl
Cryo Xmas by D. Arnaez
Bethlehem by Po' Smedley



Christmas Bag by D. Arnaez
Christmas Holidays by adni18
Firefox Holidays by D. Arnaez
IExplorer Holidays by D. Arnaez
Merry Christmas by asiandj


Merry Christmas by BlackDragon17
Oh Christmas Tree by Panther Lady
Christmas Days by adni18
Christmas Capers 1 by xoxroth
Christmas Time by mormegil
Holiday Spirit by skinz2nice



Holiday Cheery by Fairry~
CandyPole by Apocalypse_67
Winterlendar by Apocalypse_67
Christmas Time by SS GOKU
Winter Blue by Skinner don5318

Christmas Time by mormegil
A White Christmas by pauleric
CP Christmas 4WB by pinchecl
Christmas Holidays by adni18
Winter Wonderland by boopish
Blue Winter by Skinner don5318
Gilded by boopish
Deck the Halls by jazzymjr
Navidad by Apocalypse_67
HollyDay by SKoriginals



Christmas Eve no text by clwoods
Holiday Snowman by DigitalPhenom
Christmas Candy by teddybearcholla
Holiday Chrome Reindeer by William-Quist
Happy Holidays by portraits
Holiday Spirit by tippytoenail
Christmas Time by mormegil


Be sure to stop by the artist galleries and view more of their creations.  Please feel free to add any skins or themes that you would have chosen!

Comments (Page 1)
on Dec 06, 2006

Outstanding Collection!

I didn't know there were so many I missed! Thanks for this I_D!
on Dec 06, 2006
Nice job Island Dog!

on Dec 06, 2006
Thank you for including my wall and widget. This is a fine collection you put together. So many wonderful skins.Thanks to this list I am seeing some of the skins for the first time. It's very exciting! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it.
on Dec 06, 2006
on Dec 06, 2006
Thank you for including my blinds in this collection! It is truly an honor to be included with these talented people! Happiest of Holidays, island Dog!
on Dec 06, 2006
You too boopish! 

on Dec 06, 2006
Well SkinBase is having a christmas contest. so here is a link to the contest where you can find and download all kinds of Christmas paraphenelia. Merry Christmas to all !
on Dec 07, 2006
Really cool collection... Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays!

Here are a few of my older (last year) Widgets (not gadgets, you need DesktopX) winter themed items:



on Dec 07, 2006
Thanks for a fantastic list ID and for including my Rainlendar
Happy Holidays
on Dec 07, 2006
Thanks for putting this together. Best of the Holiday Season to you and yourn!
on Dec 07, 2006
Great list of great skinners work you've put together...
on Dec 08, 2006

Thank you! 

on Dec 08, 2006
A most excellent compilation.
on Dec 08, 2006
Don't forget my Candy Coated windowblind has a holiday sub-skin also. You can find it here. WWW Link

on Dec 08, 2006
Nice skin Z71
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